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Welcome to Divya Astro Ashram! We are your one-in-all destination when it concerns your astrological disorder. Our expert astrologers explain the planetary movements and their impact on your birth chart. We offer insights into your financial aspect and the reasons behind your economic downfall.

About Divya Astro Ashram

At Divya Astro Ashram, our experienced astrologers offer you insights and guidance on astrological intricacies with a mix of traditional and modern approaches. Our core objective is to help you understand the cosmic effects on your horoscope and how they adversely impact your financial course of life. We offer you remedies unique to your problem to get through the troubling phase.

Bad Wealth

What is Bad Wealth Astrology?

Bad wealth astrology is a segment of astrology that explains the reasons behind someone’s monetary crisis. Astrology is an old discipline that connects celestial bodies with human lives. One’s planetary position influences one’s financial status, and we assess specific causes that are unique to one.

Our Approach

At Divya Astro Ashram, our astrological approach combines traditional norms and modern technology. If you are struggling with your finances, it is time to consult our astrologers. We are here to guide you with financial insights and astrological solutions to counter the crisis.

3 Major Elements of Bad Wealth Astrology

Malefic Planetary Influences

Malefic planets leave a negative impact on one’s life. If your planetary position is malefic, it affects your financial journey. At such a point, you will earn from unfair and unethical means. We help you identify cosmic reasons and handle the matter wisely.

Karmic Debt

Do you find yourself stuck in a negative financial cycle? Karmic debt might be a reason. Karmic debt is the misdeeds or sins you committed in your past life. Our expert astrologers help you break the cycle by repaying your debt.

Adverse Planetary Transits

Unexpected, adverse planetary movements and transits can negatively impact your financial status. One cannot change the planetary moves. But, we at Divya Astro offer clear insight into the situation and the best solutions to cope with the challenges.

Bad Wealth Astrology: Way Toward A Good Fortune

Positive Remedies for Negative Influences

In today’s world, money is the one thing everyone wishes for. Everyone works harder to enjoy financial stability and growth. At times, negative planetary moves can result in financial turmoil. We offer you positive remedies to counter the negative influence and get over it.

Matching the Cosmic Energies

At Divya Astro Ashram, our proficient astrologers help you understand how cosmic energies can positively and negatively influence your financial situation. Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury are three planets primarily contributing to your wealth and abundance.

Astrological Guidance: Predicting Favourable Life Events

Financial Forecasting

Your planetary positions in your natal chart are the indicators of your financial prosperity and downfall. For Instance, a well-placed, powerful Moon boosts financial growth. We check your horoscope and predict your future economic scopes and opportunities.

Investment Insights

Informed investment decisions contribute to one’s financial health. Time is an essential factor. We offer you insights into when is the best time to invest to earn the best return, based on your horoscope.

Organizing Your Life With Bad Wealth Technology

Astrological Solutions for Financial Planning

Financial astrology is an integral part of astrology. We predict your financial condition, offering you deep insights into your planetary movements and how they influence your birth chart in terms of finance. Consult us for insightful astrological solutions to make right financial decisions.

Personalized Financial Solutions

Not all solutions are for everyone. Problems are specific, and so are the remedies. We look into your planetary movements and how they impact your life. Our insightful astrologers offer you personalized astrological solutions to overcome your financial crisis.



At Divya Astro Ashram, our financial astrologers offer distressed individuals the best astrological solutions. Get a clear vision of your cosmic movements and improve your financial status with our best remedies specific to you.

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