Yellow Topaz


Benefits of Topaz: The jewel of Jupiter planet is topaz. You will have more opportunities to succeed in life and go forward by wearing a Pukhraj stone. Wear a topaz stone if you or your children are not receiving any benefits or obstacles from their schooling. Wear a topaz ratna to get both the elders’ and ancestral property’s delight. Wearing topaz might help you get rid of respiratory illnesses including typhoid, bronchitis, jaundice, and cough. Wearing a Pukhraj Ratan will strengthen your spiritual life! Your luck will back you magnificently with Pukhraj, and happiness and wealth will rise.

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Wearing Instructions: Wearing Pukhraj Ratna necessitates doing so on a Thursday during the auspicious Shukla Paksha yoga or in the Jupiter constellation. It can also be worn as a ring on the right index finger.

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