What Is Special In The Month Of Sawan In 2023? How To Please Mahadev?

A particular celebration is held throughout the month of Sawan to appease Mahadev, the God of Gods, and to have your desires granted. All of Mahadev’s followers have excellent news this year, since Sawan will endure 59 days this year owing to Adhikamas, and this great yoga is finally coming into reality after 19 years. The month of Sawan will begin on July 4 and finish on August 31 this year. Millions of Kavadis travel on foot to Sawan each year to bring Kavad and anoint Lord Shiva with Ganges water. By the way, Lord Shiva is anointed during the whole month of Sawan. However, during Shivratri in particular, the Kavadis conduct Lord Shiva’s water anointing. According to the Kavad tale, Lord Parshuram was a fervent follower of Shiva. He once brought Ganges water from Garhmukteswar to conduct Jalabhishek for Mahadev. The month in question was Shravan, and it is also said that during that month, Mother Parvati, the creator of the universe, delighted Lord Shiva by doing arduous penance and fasting, earning her the hand of Lord Shiva. For this reason, it is thought that a virgin girl can find a suitable life mate by fasting on sixteen Mondays. 

Sawan Puja’s significance: In Sawan, happiness and wealth are increased in the home by keeping a Monday fast. Worshiping Bholenath ji during the special month of Sawan can assist individuals who are prone to wrath and perpetually anxious in overcoming these issues since Bholenath is the reigning god of the planet Moon. Married ladies properly and regularly worship Lord Shiva in order for their husbands to have a long life. 

Sawan Puja Procedure: The prayers of the devotees are fulfilled by rising early in the morning, washing Lord Shiva, adoring him with devotion, and anointing him with dhatura, belpatra, perfume, sandalwood, saffron, sugar, gangajal, honey, ghee, sugarcane, and flowers. Every devotee should consume only pure food on this day.

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